Mageia: Is It A Kind Of Magic?

I like to keep my promises. But sometimes I break them.
Few months ago I promised to dump Mandriva Linux. I was not happy with it and did not want to return to it. But later I had another review of it, because I had an opportunity to try another flavour, new release.
This time I almost broke my promise again. I will review… no, not Mandriva. Today’s specie is Mageia. This is Mandriva’s fork which was created after some changes in Mandriva’s management. Mageia is very young as organisation, it was founded just few months ago. But Mageia as Operating System inherits all the legacy of Mandriva and evolves it to the next step of evolution. First releast of Mageia (coincidentally called Mageia 1) was released on the 1st of June 2011.

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