Gentoo participates in World IPv6 day

In light of World IPv6 day [1], the Gentoo Infrastructure team would
like to announce new IPv6-availability of several services, and list the
existing IPv6 services. Every service listed below is running a
dual-stack native IPv4/IPv6 service, no tunnels.

The new services available via IPv6 are:
– AnonSVN, AnonGit

The existing services available via IPv6 are:
– CVS/SVN/Git services for developers
– rsync:// – our primary rsync rotation
– rsync://${CC} – our regional community rsync rotations
– A number of our mirrors

All of our IPv6 services will remain online after today, unless serious
IPv6 problems (esp. regarding routing) are encountered.

Gentoo would like to extend thanks to all our sponsors & mirrors who
have provided IPv6 service, and the servers to make use of it!


Robin Hugh Johnson
Gentoo Linux: Developer, Trustee & Infrastructure Lead
E-Mail :

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