PC-BSD: Devil With Human Face

This blog is mostly about Linux. You can guess it from the name: Linux Notes from DarkDuck.
Linux world is huge. But it is not the only world of Operating Systems on the Open Source Software universe. I have already visited “neighbours” from another world, world of BSD: FreeSBIE. That time I was impressed with both stability, speed and size. That’s why I decided to have more reviews of BSD-based systems.
Today I will make another visit to same world.
PC-BSD is another system based on Berkeley System Distribution. It is targeting personal computers, as you can guess from it’s name.
Official page of PC-BSD lists several mirrors where you can get distribution. ISO file of PC-BSD 8.2 weights 3.4 Gb. The problem with file size it that I could not download it from any official mirror. All attempts to download it either via FTP or HTTP ended in timeout message after 30, 50 or 80% of download.

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