Mandriva 2011 RC1 is at the door..

..and waiting to be released in the coming hours!

as promised some weeks ago, we told you that Mandriva 2011 RC1 should be expected this week. The images are built and are undergoing an internal testing right now, and unless any critical issues are discovered, they will be pushed to the mirrors in the coming hours!

Those additional testings for RC1 images before their release to the mirrors was intended in order to certify that the final changes for the RC-stage of Mandriva 2011 release, containing the (almost) final UI and Desktop experience, do not result in any unexpected issues. The ones following us on cooker and changelog mailing lists have noticed that there was a huge number of changes between Mandriva 2011 beta3 and RC1, and we want to make sure that you will have the most adequate experience with this first release candidate.

To give you a preview of what to expect in Mandriva 2011 RC1, the following items (in no particular order) are worth of notice in this release:

– integration of (almost) final UI, new login manager, desktop themes, plasma widgets, icons, backgrounds, splash screens, launcher, boot screens and desktop settings developed by ROSA Labs
– initial version of Mandriva Sync and Sphere helpdesk clients, developed by ROSA Labs
– new version of Improver testing application, developed by ROSA Labs
– firefox 5.0, together with optionally installable beta and aurora versions
– server 1.10.2 with most up-to-date video and input drivers
– mesa 7.10.3 and libdrm 2.4.26 for most up-to-date 3D experience
– pidgin 2.9.0
– kdepim 4.6.0 fully integrated into KDE
– OpenStack packages integrated into cooker
– iptables
– chromium browser 12 and 13 (unstable) available for installation
– updated gfxboot which should improve booting process on some uncommon hardware
– wireshark 1.6.0
– new mandriva-control-center based on QT, integrated into KDE system settings
– vlc 1.1.10
– shotwell 0.10.1
– clementine 0.7.1
– latest grub2 available in contrib for the ones willing to test it
– opera 11.50
– samba 3.5.9
– gcc 4.6.1
– octave 3.4.2
– git 1.7.6
– rsyslog 5.8.2
– ffmpeg 0.7.1
– kdevelop 4.2.3
– wine 1.3.23
– horde 3.3.11
– sqlite 3.7.7
– pulseaudio 0.9.23
– coreutils 8.12
– python 2.7.2
– blender 2.58
– thunderbird 3.1.11
– drizzle 2011.06.19
– systemd 29
– hugin 2011.0.0
– webkit 1.4.1

Among many other updated packages available both on the main media and in the repositories. Once again, we would like to thank the community for this amazing work – most of those changes were done by you, and we cannot thank you enough for that!

So, hold your breath and in some hours you will be able to see it all for yourselves.

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