Cloudmin 5.6 released

Hi Cloudmin users,

Cloudmin version 5.6 is now available for download from our
YUM amd APT repositories. New features in this version include :

* IPv6 addresses can now be managed on Xen and KVM instances
and assigned at creation time. The IP Addresses page also allows
entering of IPv6 allocation ranges for use by new systems.

* Multiple virtual systems can now be moved at once to a single
destination, using the new Move Systems button on the List
Managed Systems page.

* The Change Password page and passwd-system API command can
now be used to set the VNC password for the graphical console
of a KVM or Xen system.

* Images for LXC and OpenVZ can now be created from existing filesystem
tar.gz files, on the New System Images page.

* KVM images can now be converted to Xen, and Xen whole-disk images to
KVM, via the new Convert Image button on the Edit Image page.

* New KVM instances can now have virtual memory added at creation time,
using a separate virtual disk.

– Jamie

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