Mageia 2 Release Details Revealed

After an extensive discussion with the community on the Mageia developmental mailing list, Anne Nicolas revealed the results concerning Mageia release and support cycles as well as the release schedule for Mageia 2. The consensus was to use basically the same cycle used in Mageia 1.

Three proposals where given for discussion:

Proposal 1:
6 months release cycle -> 12 months life cycle
( Fedora, Ubuntu, Mandriva < 2010.1 && Mandriva != 2006.0 ) Proposal 2: 9 months release cycle -> 18 months life cycle
( ~ opensuse and the one we used for Mageia 1 )

Proposal 3:
12 months release cycle -> 24 months life cycle
( Mandriva > 2010.1 )

Since there are pros and cons to each, a lengthy discussion followed. Nicolas, former Director of Engineering with Mandriva, favored Proposal 2 based on her experience with Mandriva. The pros of Proposal 2 include releasing in-between other popular distribution’s releases in order to stand out and not be lost in the news behind others such as openSUSE, Ubuntu, or Fedora. This tends to be a disadvantage as well since it is not in sync with GNOME or KDE releases and sometimes falls on or near holidays.

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