Virtualmin 3.87 released

Hi Virtualmin users,

Virtualmin GPL version 3.87 is now available for download
from , or our YUM and APT
repositories. This version includes the following new features
and bug fixes :

* Updated the Roundcube script installer to version 0.5.3,
WHMCS to 4.5.2, and phpMyAdmin to 3.4.2.
* Added the new API command set-global-feature to turn features
and plugins on and off from the command line.
* The last IMAP, POP3 and SMTP logins for mailbox users are now
tracked by Virtualmin, and can be viewed on the Edit Mailbox
page and in the output from the list-users API command.
* When an alias domain with a website is disabled, it is now
removed from the parent domain’s Apache virtualhost.
* Added the list-backup-logs API command to report on previous
backups run from the web UI, API or on schedule.
* Added the –plan-features flag to the modify-domain command,
to enable features based those selected for the plan.
* The virtualmin configuration check now ensures that the system
has at least 256 MB of real (non-burstable) memory, and displays
a warning if total memory is too low.
* Updated the modify-php-ini API command to set variables in the
Apache configuration as well.

As always, let me know of any bugs you find or suggestions you have..

– Jamie

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