Cloudmin 5.7 released

Hi Cloudmin users,

Cloudmin version 5.7 is now available for download from our
YUM amd APT repositories. New features in this version include :

* A separate guaranteed memory limit can now be set for OpenVZ
containers, at creation time and using the Resource Limits page.
This allows over-committing of memory, by setting the guaranteed
limit lower than the maximum. Over-committing can be enabled with
a new option on the Edit OpenVZ Host page.

* Added support for creating Xen and KVM disks with ext3 and ext4

* Real systems can now be started by Cloudmin using a wake-on-LAN
packet, if supported by the system’s BIOS.

* The monitor for new and newly restarted KVM instances can now be
accessed via a TCP port, which allows Cloudmin to perform some
configuration changes without requiring a reboot.

* Virtual disks and network interfaces can now be added to and removed
from running KVM instances without a reboot, assuming they support
PCI hot-plugging.

* KVM virtual systems can now be paused and resumed, and live migrated
to another host without requiring a shutdown.

– Jamie

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