10 things people get wrong about open source (images)

I can remember when mentioning open-source software in a business context was unthinkable. Fortunately, times have changed. Indeed, open source is now often considered first but that dramatic progress has not entirely removed a number of misconceptions from users’ minds. So I thought it might be helpful to list a few of the things people still get completely wrong about open source.

1. It’s just for Linux
Most users trip up over this point. When open source comes up in a conversation, talk inevitably ? and almost always initially ? turns to Linux. The public always seems to assume open-source applications are only for Linux. In fact there are plenty of open-source projects that are either cross platform or Windows only. The Open Source Windows site lists a variety of software for Microsoft’s operating systems. But the site doesn’t include the listing of major forces, such as Apache, MySQL and Drupal.

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