The Six Best Linux Community Server Distributions

One question we get a lot: What are the best community server distributions? That question isn’t as simple as it sounds. What makes a distro “the best”? Why community distributions, specifically? It’s not a simple question — but read on and we’ll point you to six distros that will help you reach a satisfying answer.
Perfection? No

The world of tech is fast-moving and fast-changing, and there is no such as achieving a static state of ultimate perfection. Yes, we’ve all heard the stories of forgotten ten year-old Linux servers chugging quietly away in dusty corners, doing their jobs even though they’re neglected and all alone with only spiders and silverfish for company. While this is a happy thing, and probably apocryphal because ten years without a hardware failure is unlikely, it’s bad system administration.

So I expect that any proper Linux server under my control will have a good package manager for easy updating and upgrading, an active community of users and contributors, fast security updates, a reasonable release and upgrade schedule, and that it will be around for the long-term. Distro hopping is fun for a home desktop, but for servers — no thanks. Once it’s up and running I don’t want to fuss with it anymore than is necessary.


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