Amazon, Microsoft Data Centers Go Down Without Much Fanfare

It finally happened. We had a fairly significant cloud outage the other day and we didn’t have a lot of hand-wringing about the perils of cloud computing. Could it be that we have finally reached a point where we don’t have to defend the future of cloud computing each time a data center has problems, or is it just that everyone is on vacation in August and nobody was paying attention?

In this case, the data centers in Dublin run by Amazon and Microsoft got hit by lightning the other day causing them to go down. These things happen and it’s best if everyone stays calm when they do. Amazon certainly stayed calm as they stated the nature of the problem on the company web site — lightning struck the transformer next to the data center — and they even recommended a work-around while they fixed the problem, which was to launch another instance on a zone that was working. Not ideal, but it keeps you going right?

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