NST Version 2.15.0-2515 Released

We are pleased to announce the latest NST release: “v2.15.0”. This release is based on Fedora 15 using Linux Kernel: “2.6.40-4.fc15 – Rebased from latest Linux Kernel: 3.0” . Here are some of the highlights for this release:

* Developed a new interactive dynamic SVG/AJAX enabled Network Interface Bandwidth Monitor application that is integrated into the NST WUI for monitoring pseudo real-time network bandwidth rates.

* Added NST RPM packages and NST WUI integration for the Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner (OpenVAS) and Greenbone Security tools.

* Added an NST RPM package for IPv6 network security investigation: The THC IPv6 ATTACK TOOLKIT.

* Now supporting the GNOME 3.0 desktop for NST integrated network security applications.

* Refactored all NST integrated services for transistion to the new systemd System and Service Manager for service control.

* By default, now supporting the new Fedora Network Device Naming convention (e.g., eth0 => p2p1 or eth0 => em1).

* Many new NST WUI enhancements and refinements.

*As always, the networking and security applications included have been updated to their latest version.

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