FreeNAS 8.0.1-RC2

I’m pleased to announce FreeNAS 8.0.1-RC2, available for immediate download
from: is Release Candidate 2 for FreeNAS 8.0.1….hopefully the last stepping
stone to FreeNAS 8.0.1-RELEASE


The image size increased in 8.0.1-BETA3. The new size requires a 2 GB
storage device. The GUI upgrade can be used to upgrade a system from BETA3,
BETA4, or RC1 but upgrades from earlier releases can only be done from the CD.
The other option is to save the config, reinstall the new version, then
restore the config.

Major changes:

– The mail subsystem has been rewritten due to major interop issues with
the previous implementation of the mail subsystem and various mail server
setups (including gmail). This was done by removing msmtp and replacing
it’s functionality with python code. (r7756, r7757, r7758 )

– The iSCSI target daemon (istgt) has been updated to address interoperability
issues with VMWare ESXi 5.0 (r7530, r7652, r7817)

Changes since 8.0.1-RC1

– Fix a bug where a failed upgrade after a config was uploaded was resulting
in the system “reverting” to using the uploaded config instead of the
previous running config. (r7535)

– Save config now uses a hostname/date combo in the file name. (r7567)

– Fix a bug with replacing devices in place. (r7575)

– Add a confirmation password field for dyndns. (r7576)

– If the webgui can’t bind to the address specified in the GUI bind to the
wildcard. Set an alert if this is done. (r7562, r7563, r7570, r7579)

– Add a save debug button in the system -> advanced GUI to ease collecting
diagnostic information when shell access isn’t configured. (r7592)

– Allow an interface to accept tagged and untagged packets. (r7604, r7609)

– Improvements to ataidle. (r7648)

– Reverse the list for ipv4 netmask. (r7663)

– Fix openldap authenticating against servers that require SSL/STARTTLS

– Build python with a larger stack size. This should solve intermittent
django stability issues (r7689)

– Move the USB 3 driver to a module so it can be disabled for hardware that
has issues booting with the module enabled. (r7691)

– Allow the iSCSI extent file browser to show files. (r7695)

– Allow iSCSI extents to be used by one target->extent mapping. (r7697)

– Restrict the iSCSI target name to values allowed by the target and
the RFC covering iqns. (r7698)

– Restart collectd properly when volumes are created or destroyed. (r7704)

– Make timezone changes take effect immediately in django. (r7720)

– Use the file browser for editing iSCSI file extents. (r7728)

– Ensure that the selection for an iSCSI file extent is a file and not a
directory. (r7729)

– Allow auto-importer to work when there are zpools that contain subsets of
each other’s names. eg: tank and tank2 (r7732)

– Update django to 1.3.1 to address multiple security vulnerabilities. (r7745)

– Fix a bug where the system would attempt to change permissions from an
unknown user to root:wheel. (r7762)

– Disable building the weekly locate database. (r7765)


CHAP doesn’t work with GlobalSAN initiators on OS X.

Upgrades from FreeNAS 0.7 aren’t supported.

SHA256 Hash:

SHA256 Hash:

SHA256 Hash:

SHA256 Hash:

SHA256 Hash:

SHA256 Hash:

— Thanks, Josh Paetzel Director of IT, iXsystems Servers For Open Source

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