Cloudmin 5.8 released

Hi Cloudmin users,

Cloudmin version 5.8 is now available for download from our
YUM amd APT repositories. New features in this version include :

* When creating a Xen or KVM instance on a host system with
multiple bridges, you can now select which bridges to
automatically allocate IP addresses.

* Xen and KVM systems with multiple disks now use a new backup
format that stores each disk image in a separate file. This
allows backups to be created and restored without consuming
any temporary disk space on the host system.

* The SSH port for new virtual systems can now be set on the
Cloudmin Configuration page, and via the –ssh-port flag to
the create-system API command.

* Package updates are now installed via a single YUM or APT
command, if the system being updated has Webmin 1.580 or
Virtualmin 3.89 or later.

* Status refreshes for managed systems (particularly those using
Xen) should now be faster, thanks to the addition of more caching
and removal of redundant checks.

– Jamie

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