Linux 3.1 release delayed for and Linus’ vacation

The Linux kernel is developed and released at a rapid pace that seems to almost never slow down.

For the upcoming Linux 3.1 kernel, it’s a pace that will be just a bit slower in terms of the actual release due to a number of factors.

For one, remains offline after a reported hack at the end of August. Yes I know that development continues at GitHub but Linus Torvalds wants to do the Linux 3.2 merge on

The other factor is that Linus is going on vacation.

“It is becoming clear that I might as well not release the final 3.1 until after my upcoming vacation early October – otherwise the next merge window
would just be total chaos,” Torvalds wrote in an LKML post. “A merge window with being off just really wouldn’t work, and doing a release only to then have some chaotic merge window followed by travel seems crazy.”


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