release of IPCop v2.0.0

Dear all,

I’ll make this as short as possible. IPCop v2.0.0 is released.
Thanks to those who have given valuable input during the development cycle.
Special thanks to Mario, never giving up and always prepared to run yet
another test, I guess by now he is able to install IPCop blind-folded,
also special thanks to Tom, always giving feedback and ideas.




IPCop 2.0.0 is released

v2.0.0 can be installed using the installation images or as an update
from version 1.9.20.

For those familiar with earlier IPCop versions, IPCop v2 is different.
Read the manuals to get an overview.
Online English installation manual:
Online German installation manual:
The installation manuals are ‘work in progress’ and not yet complete.

Online English admin manual:
Online German admin manual:

– the GUI uses 8443 instead of 445.
– SSH uses 8022 instead of 222.
– access to IPCop and to the internet from internal networks (aka
Green, Blue, Orange) is very much different. Spend some time with the
various options you will find under “Firewall Settings” and the online
admin manual.
– Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian,
Latino-American Spanish,
Russian, Spanish and Turkish translations are complete,
other languages are work in progress.
– backups from 1.4-series can not be used.
– addons made for the 1.4-series will not work.

add370e02b70f3b65c5f6c3dffa64a97 ipcop-2.0.0-update.i486.tgz.gpg

0128c026dc00d3039355880683fad9bf ipcop-2.0.0-install-cd.i486.iso
7ed2fb9e034a866057489d9debd94f17 ipcop-2.0.0-install-netboot.i486.tgz
e51cd651a7ee92c5f83ee4161784b3fe ipcop-2.0.0-install-usb-fdd.i486.img.gz
d94985ebf9ce839c2a44c51e6e078871 ipcop-2.0.0-install-usb-hdd.i486.img.gz
386098f63ddf05dfeab0dc1380e3aba6 ipcop-2.0.0-install-usb-zip.i486.img.gz

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