Hacked to Serve Malware

Well, this is embarrassing. has been hacked (fixed by now), and was turned into a platform serving malware to unsuspecting visitors. The criminals did this by injecting a script which redirected visitors to a website which uses the BlackHole exploit pack, which probes the browser used and serves up an appropriate exploit. Computer security blogger Brian Krebs saw root access to being offered for $3000 only a few days ago.

Armorize was the first to detail how the exploit works – and in quite some detail, too, including code samples and such. Basically, a script redirects the visitor to a website which hosts a BlackHole exploit pack.

“[The BlackHole exploit pack] exploits the visitor’s browsing platform (the browser, the browser plugins like Adobe Flash, Adobe PDF, etc, Java, …), and upon successful exploitation, permanently installs a piece of malware into the visitor’s machine, without the visitor’s knowledge,” Armorize explains, “The visitor doesn’t need to click or agree to anything; simply visiting with a vulnerable browsing platform will result in an infection.”

Read more at OSNews

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