Intel Announces Support for Tizen, Officially Killing MeeGo

Intel has decided to support Tizen, another open source platform, and dropped MeeGo, its mobile open source OS baby. Partner this latest news with Intel’s ambiguous support of Android, the question begs to be asked: What is Intel’s intention? Here’s the breakdown on Intel’s lack of mobile monogamy and the details on just what Tizen means for you in the channel …

Intel has officially joined the Linux Foundation and the LiMo Foundation, both open source organizations set up to profess, populate and proliferate mobile Linux alternatives into the marketplace. Since MeeGo is dead in the water — whether Intel likes to admit it or not — it may be time for a change for Intel, especially since Nokia has abandoned the OS. Nokia’s MeeGo plans began and ended with the N9, and now Nokia has switched horses to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

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