I’m pleased to announce on behalf of the FreeNAS development team FreeNAS
8.0.1-RELEASE, available for download at:


The image size increased in 8.0.1-BETA3. The new size requires a 2 GB
storage device. The GUI upgrade can be used to upgrade a system from BETA3,
BETA4, or RC1 but upgrades from earlier releases can only be done from the CD.
The other option is to save the config, reinstall the new version, then
restore the config.

Major changes since 8.0.1-RC2:

– django has been updated to 1.3.1 to address multiple security advisories.

– istgt has been updated to 20110928

– Base system has been updated to FreeBSD 8.2-p3, which addresses since 8.0.1-RC2

– Fix the regex used to validate iSCSI target names so that – is an
allowed character. (r7827)

– Multiple improvements to the UPS service.
(r7841, r7842, r7843, r7844, r7845, r7846, r7847, r7848, r7849)

– Fix a bug in the GUI where zvols from multiple pools caused GUI corruption.

– Add a button to zpools that will display zpool status in a tab.

– Set each LUN in an iSCSI target to a unique serial number. This allows
vmware ESXi to see multiple LUNs per target. (r7878)

– Change the encryption type in the LDAP config screen to a choicebox
instead of requiring freeform text input. (r7881)

– Remove DDP option from AFP server config. (r7883)

– Fix typo so that hosts allow and deny actually get populated in rsyncd.conf.

– Fix deleting snapshots. (r7916)

– Add a button to volumes to manually kick off a scrub of ZFS volumes. (r7943)

– Fix smartd.conf generation bug. (r7956)

– Fix a bug preventing the import of zpools created on Solaris (r7971)

– Allow adding a public key for user ssh authentication. (r8002)

Changes since 8.0-RELEASE

There’s too much to list here, but the high points are:

– Divorced the volume members in the database from the FreeBSD devices.
This resolves an issue where FreeBSD can change devices names and the
GUI doesn’t pick up the updates due to the devices names being hard-wired
in the database.

– Support exporting ZFS zvols (virtual devices) as device extents via iSCSI.
8.0 was only able to export physical device nodes or file based extents.

– The GUI now has an event notification system.

– The email backend has been refactored.

– Many many changes in the GUI to help it validate and sanitize inputs that
are passed to the backend daemons.

– Added UPS functionality.

– Added rsync client and server functionality.

– Added the ability to schedule cron jobs in the GUI.

– Vastly improved and reworked snapshot replication.


CHAP doesn’t work with GlobalSAN initiators on OS X.

Upgrades from FreeNAS 0.7 aren’t supported.

The installer doesn’t check the size of the install media before attempting
an install. A 2 GB device is required, but the install will appear to
complete successfully on smaller devices, only to fail at boot.

The installer will let you switch from i386 to amd64 architecture and
vice-versa, but some files, such as the rrd files used by the statistics
graphing package are architecture dependent.

SHA256 Hash:

SHA256 Hash:

SHA256 Hash:

SHA256 Hash:

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SHA256 Hash:

— Thanks, Josh Paetzel Director of IT, iXsystems Servers For Open Source

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