phpPgAdmin 5.0.3 released

==== Version 5.0.3 ====

Released: 3rd October 2011

This third update of the phpPgAdmin 5.0 branch brings some bug and
security fixes. Details bellow.

==== Download ====

To download phpPgAdmin 5.0.3 right now, visit:

==== Changelog ====

Some bug fixes.

* Fix bug with enable/disable triggers on multiple triggers (Dawid
‘DeyV’ Polak)
* Fix bug #3353670: Error when executing a report with paging
* Fix bug with OpenBSD about where setting application_name using
PGOPTIONS was raising an ERROR
* Two security fix about code injection, reported by Mateusz Goik, fixed
by ioguix
* Fix character-encoding problem with autocomplete

– —
The phpPgAdmin Team

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