Six ways to use Linux Live CDs in your business

Running a Live Linux CD or USB is a convenient way to perform a number of tasks when an installed OS is not necessary.

Do you think an operating system should always be installed on the hard disk of a computer?

It was true for me up until a certain point. Things changed when Knoppix Live CD was released by Klaus Knopper in 2000.

Knoppix was a pioneer in Live CD for Linux, and it still remains one of the most respectable Linux distributions. Of course, Knoppix is not alone. There are many more Linux distributions available on the market now that can run in Live mode.

There are basically two types of media which you can use as your Live Linux: CD/DVD or USB. Some distributions allow you to have Live USB, some only work from optical media. In both cases, some distributions allow you to save changes you’ve made. This feature is called “Persistence.”

Here are the main ways in which Live Linux can help your business.

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