Android 4.0: New design, new features

The latest version of Android, 4.0, will offer a brand new design, better gesture control and a number of minor improvements, many of which were inspired by iOS, WebOS and especially by Windows Phone 7.

A few Windows Phone 7 design ideas, a few WebOS gestures and some iOS for the user interface: for the new version of Android, Google has focused itself on its competitors’ strengths and integrated various new ideas. Optimised for tablets and smartphones, the new design of Android “Ice Cream Sandwich” is intended to offer a more enticing and intuitive user experience. At a presentation in Hong Kong, Matias Duarte from Google’s Android team said that print magazines were among the inspirations for the new design style. Components that contribute to achieving this aim include the elegant “Roboto” Android font, a generally less crowded Android UI and standard apps that focus on images and large print.

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