Blender 2.60a release is a bugfix release for 2.60

The 2.60a release is a bugfix release for 2.60

  • 3D window: Armature-bones with wire draw type were not displaying in solid view mode – r41113
  • 3D window header: After collapsing the pull-down menus, no icon available to make them show again. – r41117
  • Dopesheet: Fixed crash when moving keys in editor – r41128
  • Audio export: 7.1 export was being miscalculated – r41132
  • Game Engine: Action actuator breaks animation. IPO options can be set too frequently – r41134
  • 3D Window: missing updates when changing smoke flow settings – r41151
  • Node editor: missing updates when assigning/removing Materials on Objects – r41152
  • Adding a new pose to the Pose Library crashed – r41175
  • Fix for un-handled exception in audio library – r41203
  • Incorrect keying set names ‘Scale’ vs ‘Scaling’, where ‘Scale’ was hard coded in auto keyframe when ‘Only Insert Needed’ – r41211
  • Python: RNA/API, getting Event.ascii would crash – r41214
  • Addons / Exporter: Quake MAP export gives an error for UV textured geometry – r2504

Download 2.60a here.

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