Softpedia Linux Weekly, Issue 171

The following Linux-based operating systems have been announced last week: openSUSE 12.1 RC1, m23 rock 11.4, Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.10.26 and CAELinux 2011. In other news: Linus Torvalds announced the final and stable release of Linux kernel 3.1; Google released the final and stable version of the Google Chrome 15 web browser. Softpedia Linux Blog news includes articles about EeeMC 11.10.24, Puppy Linux Slacko 5.3, Google Music Manager, LinuxCon 2011, Orchestra, GCC 4.6.2, SalineOS 1.5, Helena The 3rd, GNOME 3.3.1 and more. The weekly ends with the video clip of the week, the new and updated Linux distributions, and the development releases.

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