Announcing the latest installment in Gentoo greatness, the official Gentoo Wiki!

We are glad to announce that the official Gentoo Wiki opens its doors today.

As you would expect it from a herd of proper Gentoo developers, we have spent quite some time bikeshedding about various things concerning the wiki, including the color. It seems we have finally reached a verdict, much to everyone’s surprise it will be purple!

Now, without further ado, we’d like to welcome you to our shiny new Wiki.

Feel free to browse around, look for answers to your questions and other cool stuff to do with your Gentoo system. Do you think you have something useful to share with other Gentoo users? Please go ahead and create an article about it – or extend an existing one.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some information on how the wiki works. If you still got questions left you can find us on #gentoo-wiki at freenode, or reach us via email at

We are looking forward to your articles!

Your Gentoo Wiki Team

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