Comparison of major Linux package management systems

One of the major differences between various Linux distributions is package management. Many times, this is the reason somebody steers away from one distribution to another, because he/she doesn’t like the way software is installed or because there is software needed that isn’t available in the distro’s repositories. If you are a beginner in the Linux world and are wondering about the differences between distributions, this will be a good start. If you’ve only used one or two distributions for some time and you want to see what’s on the other side of the fence, this article also might be for you. Finally, if you need a good comparison and/or a reminder about major PM systems, you’ll find something interesting too. You will learn the most important things a user expects from a PM system, like install/uninstall, search and other advanced options. We don’t expect some special knowledge on your part, just some general Linux concepts.


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