Best Linux email client: 5 reviewed and rated

The email client, along with the word processor, is probably one of the most recognisable pieces of software on the desktop. They come in all shapes and sizes, from standalone lightweight command-line clients, to massive personal information managers (PIMs), that do a lot more than just check email.

Email clients are especially important for the business user but are useful even for those not dependant on a corporate email server. Virtually all email clients can now hook up with online webmail services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Even if you don’t use them to check your email on a daily basis, they’re handy to keep an offline backup of all your email in case of problems with the service.

There are various factors you need to consider when selecting a client. What type of user you are and how you want to use it are the most critical. If you’re an enterprise user fetching email from the corporate email server, you’ll probably have the client running all the time, so it needs to be well-integrated into the desktop.

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