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by “AshLeDombos” November 18th, 2011, 2:03 pm

I bring you some news. English is not my natural language, so I apoligize in advance for my mistakes, and if I have wrote a weird or incomprehensible sentence, just tell me for correcting it.

A new COO, Jean-Manuel Croset recently joined Dominique Loucougain, CEO, at the head of Mandriva. I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with him. He is someone who is very open to conversation, talking directly and frankly, who gives the impression of knowing where he goes and what he wants, someone with a “breadth” of leadership. But, and I must confess that it is much less common, he also combines the knowledge of his subject, works for knowing Mandriva, its history, its employees and partners, and community.

In a nutshell this is what came out of our conversation, from memory:

The financial situation of Mandriva is finally stabilized. It can now bear its expenses after a clarification and a great improvement in the situation/relation between Rosa Labs and Mandriva (which includes France and Mandriva Mandriva Brazil). The work of Mandriva, which helped Rosa Desktop to win an important tender in Russia has paid, investors have confidence in the technical capacity of Mandriva.

Remains the economic aspect. And the objective is now clear and firm: Mandriva SA has to be competitive, otherwise it will disappear. Mandriva SA is, right now, under audit (a complete analizis of the whole company, initiated by and for shareholders and top board team, and conducted by the COO). Following this period, which should be completed by the end of the year, the strategic directions will be determined for 2012.

Also on the center stage was the importance of the community, highlighted by JM Croset. Mandriva, unlike other major Linux developers, did not clearly define separation between distribution and society. But this feature is also strength: Mandriva comes from a shared passion between community members and employees of the company. And it is clear that even though maybe the society and the community could possibly live without the other, it would be a great loss, for one as for the other. The company would lose the support, partners, users, fans and the community would lose a partner, sponsor, engineers paid full-time on the distribution.

The new COO is clearly aware of all the aspects that revolve around Mandriva: economic (have a positive balance, to invest, win business, satisfy investors, partners and customers), pragmatic (manage priorities, produce quality ) relationship (do as disparate teams around the world collaborate more easily and in greater mutual trust) and ideological (Mandriva is free software, and must respect the work and contribution of the community and improve the partnership between the community and society in the interests of one or the other)

Right now, he is in Brazil to meet the Mandriva Brazil team, to know them and their organization, and enhance exchanges between French and Brazilian teams.

In summary, much energy is invested to make Mandriva a competitive, efficient, communicative and with a good image. In short, a company we should (and will) love, hopefully!

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