25 Ways Open Source is Catching On Beyond Software

At a conference earlier this month, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg told attendees, “not just software, but everything should be open source.”

Apparently, he’s not the only person who thinks this, because open source philosophy is spreading far beyond the software industry.

This month, we’re taking a look at 25 projects that are taking open source in new—and sometimes unexpected—directions. While not all of these projects involve open source licenses, they do all embrace the ideals of the open source movement. That is, the source materials are freely available for anyone who wants to re-use and/or modify them.

In addition, most of these projects involve some sort of crowdsourcing, inviting outsiders to review and contribute to the improvement of the overall project.

While we limited our list to 25, we know there are far more industries and projects that are embracing open source. If you’d like to note a project or two that you think should have been included, feel free to add them in the Comments section below.

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