The New PrestaShop Standard Theme

PrestaShop provides a basic theme that any online retailer can use to launch their online shop for free and make it a success. This theme has barely evolved in terms of both graphics and features over the last 4 years.

With PrestaShop 1.4.5 version, users have been able to use a new theme which we call “default”. These are the main improvements…

In terms of the look and feel, the new theme is low-key, classic and professional. The use of neutral colours is important (black, grey and white) as they suit all areas of activity. We chose not to go for warm (red, yellow and orange) or cold colours (blue, green and purple) as most people have their favorites.

Another highlight is the block background colours (e.g. block titles) to replace the glossy, web2.0 and tired effects of the old design. The theme is therefore less heavy visually.

In terms of the general layout we have chosen a fixed design (980px) centred on the page.

PrestaShop recommends that online retailers avoid fluid Google-style designs, the design being in proportion to your screen’s resolution.

Remember, a fluid design fills 100% of the browser window, the size of your screen’s resolution.

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