Cloudmin 5.9 released

Hi Cloudmin users,

Cloudmin version 5.9 is now available for download from our
YUM amd APT repositories. New features in this version include :

* The DNS roundrobin page now has an option to limit the number
of IP addresses to include in the resulting DNS entries, to allow
the simple configuration of DNS-based failover. DNS roundrobins can
also include an arbitrary list of IP addresses, which do not necessarily
have to be Cloudmin managed systems.

* Disks on Xen, KVM and Citrix systems can now be excluded from backups
on the Edit Disk page, and using the modify-disk API command. Swap disks
are now also automatically excluded.

* When adding a Xen, KVM or other host system, the hostname is now selected
first which makes the host registration use the correct LVM volume groups
and network bridges.

* Proxy balancers can now also be configured on the DNS roundrobins page, if
you have a system running Virtualmin. This allows a single website to be
served by multiple backend systems, which get updated depending on their

– Jamie

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