Nine Open Source Discoveries I Made in 2011

When writing about free and open source software, sometimes I seem to spend all my time complaining. So, after last week, when I described 2011 as a whole as a disappointment, I thought I should add some balance by mentioning some of the free software-related discoveries that delighted me during the past year.

Many of these discoveries were not new in 2011, although several came into their own during the year. However, until the last twelve months, they were new to me. All are worth mentioning, just in case you’ve missed them:
1) The Kobo Touch Ereader

Unless you’re a Canadian like me, you may have overlooked the Kobo Touch. Although it was sold in Borders stores, in the United States, the Kobo has been overshadowed by Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

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