LibreOffice mega Christmas inteview

In many countries in the world, Christmas is celebrated as time of peace. In olden days, in the Northern hemisphere, it was the mid-winter celebration – looking towards the new light to come. Nowadays, sharing presents is a popular activity at Christmas time.
So, let’s look at what presents LibreOffice has left under the tree… Ah, this is clearly the outline of a new major version: 3.5 🙂

I’ll try to unwrap this present a little, looking beneath the shiny paper.
What do I see: hundreds and hundreds of code commits, which talk about ‘clean up’, ‘rework’, ‘remove’, ‘easy hack’. Sounds like tech-talk to me. So how is this a great present to users?
I decided to talk to some developers, in an attempt to get an explanation about what all this work means – to mere mortal office-users like (probably) you and me 😉 Simply: what improvements, in which areas, can we see now or in the long run, as result of all this hard work?

Below you find the result of my search. Some parts are technical, some parts really talk about features for users.
I have stress that I was only able to cover a small part of all people and all the work … Nevertheless I hope you like the (greater) present.

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