27 top Linux-powered Christmas gifts

It’s no longer hard to find a Christmas gift that runs Linux, thanks to the popularity of Google’s Android. The Tuxy possibilities go far beyond tablets and smartphones, however, as we highlight in a list of 27 top gift picks for 2011.

Not that long ago, it was hard to find consumer-oriented devices that ran Linux — and the idea of finding it on a smartphone or tablet was nearly unthinkable. Now, of course, Android (Google’s Linux-plus-Java combo) has changed all that.

So many Android phones and tablets are on the market that, in order to keep this list of potential gifts down to 27 — it was originally meant to be 24! — I had to struggle to keep these gadgets out of it. (Another reason for not listing most is that so many of the flagship models intro’d earlier this year have quickly become passé.)

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