Adventures in Self-Publishing, Chap. 5 Understanding POD Business Models (Part II)

Last week we looked at how Amazon, Apple and Google make money by working with self-published authors, what they do for them in return, and what that means for you. As promised, this week we’ll take the same kind of look at the myriad POD outfits that provide a wider range of services.

As you’ll recall, Amazon, Apple and Google each have quite different motivations, based on the significant differences in their overall business models. One result of the fact that self-published authors generate a very small part of the revenues of each of these companies is that each offers very few services in return, and most or all of those services are automated. Another is that none of the three companies has an incentive to make it easy for a self-published author to sell through any of its competitor. Indeed, quite the opposite.


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