GhostBSD 2.5 RC 3 has been released

It is based upon FreeBSD RC3 and includes a number of changes and bugfixes.


  • CUPS should now be working with most printers,
  • LXDE USB image and CD image are ready to download and use,
  • GDM now allows users to choose their language for the GNOME session. The log-in credentials for GNOME session are: ghostbsd password: ghostbsd (this is a temporary solution),
  • fix: live session now has proper options to shutdown and reboot via the menu,
  • fix: message about mounting problems during setup on GNOME no longer appears,
  • used mkisofs instead of makefs to build images.

Known Issues:

  • Brasero on amd64 architecture still closes itself on normal user when adding data,
  • amd64 live session GDM does not show a proper message on boot. It works perfectly after installation,
  • a number of glitches need fixing on LXDE.

Reporting Bugs:

As we are progressing through RC versions, we would like to thank all the users, who had shared their thoughts and reported bugs both, on Trac and forums. Their feedback allows our small team to continuously improve the quality and reliability of the system. Please continue testing the new releases for us an reporting your findings!


The GhostBSD team would like to thank Peter Nijenhuis for allowing us to include his photo of ghost glass frog in the wallpaper bundle.

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