Adventures in Self-Publishing, Chapter 6: Profiling, Researching, Interviewing and Selecting a POD

This series highlights aspects of my experience self-publishing The Alexandria Project. If you’d like to read the book this series is based on, you can read the first three chapters for free here (just click on the cover of the book). And you can read a new chapter of its sequel every Monday here.

Pubic domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, at,_marbled_paper_on_cover.jpgFor the last several weeks we’ve looked at how the various types of PODs differ in their business models and in the services they offer. We’ve also looked at the importance of ensuring that your goals align as well as possible with the POD you eventually select. This week we’ll use that background to construct a decision tree and question list you can use to find the POD that’s best for you. I’ll also suggest (from painful experience) how you can avoid some of the problems I’ve encountered.

As you’ll recall, some of the ways in which PODs differ include price, personal service level, range of services offered, ability to place your book into all channels, and ability to make hard copies as well as eBook copies available. If all of those capabilities are of importance you, then you’ll want to look at one set of PODs. But if not all of them matter to you, then you may decide to limit your review to a far smaller set of candidates. Given how many businesses have jumped into this pool, anything you can do to narrow the field will be a time saver.


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