5daysprofitable: A corporate web site, start to finish, in 4 hours

In my previous article, I explained that I would embark in the Herculean task of starting a company, and make it successful and profitable, in just 5 days. And by using free software.

The first piece of this complex puzzle is a corporate web site. I had mine ready in less than 4 hours, start to finish. Here is what I did.
First step: Domain and site

The first step is to register a domain name, and have a standard Drupal 7 installation on it.

I already had a domain name “parked” (so to speak): I used it for my personal email. The domain is mobily1.com. Since recycling is the rule here, I decided to use it for the site. I also had a ready-to-go Drupal 7 installation. So, configuring Apache to get things working was a breeze.

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