PC-BSD 9 Review

PC-BSD 9 is a BSD distribution that is based on the latest version of FreeBSD 9 and uses KDE 4.7.3 desktop environment as it’s default desktop. It is somewhat more geared to novice and intermediate based users of BSD like how Ubuntu is for Linux users, but we won’t go into the differences between BSD and Linux in this review.

PC-BSD 9 installation is quite straight forward, there wasn’t too much tinkering to do and you can also customize what you want installed. You can easily choose GNOME as your default desktop if you don’t like KDE or go with a lighter desktop of XFCE, or even Fluxbox. For this review we’ll stick to default desktop environment in KDE.

Installation seemed a little bit lengthy on both my test machine as well as in my Virtual machine, but the responsiveness of PC-BSD was quite quick once everything was installed and ready to run. Once you’re ready to run, you can’t tell there’s a difference under the hood.

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