Extremadura CIO plans Linux rollout on 40,000 desktops

The CIO of Spanish autonomous region Extremadura says it is planning to move the administration’s 40,000 desktop systems to a Debian distribution. According to a report on the European Commission’s “Joinup”, CIO Teodomiro Cayetano López says that the project is “really advanced” and deployment will begin in the spring and be completed around the end of the year.

Extremadura recently abandoned LinEx, its own custom Debian-based distribution used on over 70,000 school and university computers and 15,000 healthcare workplaces. Cayetano López says the new deployment will be based on the Debian distribution used by the public health services that “has been in use for five years”, adding that it gives a good starting point “to adapt Debian to the needs of a standard user”, and comply with ISO/IEC 27001 security standards.

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