Webmin 1.580 and Usermin 1.500 released

Hi everyone,

Webmin version 1.580 is now available for download from
http://www.webmin.com/ . This release includes the following
major changes :

* Many more German translation updates, thanks to Raymond Vetter.
* Catalan updates, thanks to Jaume Badiella.
* Norwegian translation updates, thanks to Stein-Aksel Basma.
* Added UTF-8 encodings for languages using the iso-8859-2, like
Czech and Polish.
* Support for Fedora 15 and 16 across multiple modules.
* The Bootup and Shutdown module now fully supports the systemd boot
service, seen on Fedora 15 and later.
* The MySQL, PostgreSQL, Filesystem Backup and Backup Configuration
Files modules now all support the use of Webmin variable substitutions
in backup paths (like $HOSTNAME) via a new Module Config option.
* Added fields to the Edit User page in the MySQL module for setting
the maximum concurrent logins and operations per hour for users.
* Scheduled MySQL backups can now have their success or failure sent via
email, via new options on the Backup Database page.
* When executing SQL or restoring a backup file, the character set can now
be selected for the imported data.
* The Webmin Actions Log can now be searched by description.
* If Postfix is installed when the hostname is changed, the mydestination
(local hostname) configuration parameter is updated too.
* Numerous other small bugfixes and improvements.

Also available is Usermin 1.500, also adds German, Catalan and Norwegian
translation updates, better Fedora 15+ support, and minor improvements in
the Read Mail module.

As always, please send me any bug reports or feature suggestions that
you might have.

– Jamie

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