Adventures in Self-Publishing, Chap. 9: How to Price your Book – and Does it Matter?

This week we’ll talk about how to come up with the “right” price for your book in each of the formats in which you plan to make it available (eBook, soft, and/or hardcover). By “right” price, I mean a price that will make more, rather than fewer, people actually buy your book. My challenge will be to convince you that the title you see above makes sense.
But first, let’s cover the basics – how the pricing process works, and the factors that may put a floor under your book price.

The process for applying a price to an eBook is quite easy. If you go direct to CreateSpace, for example, the price can be whatever you want it to be, including zero. And indeed, if you go to the Kindle store, you’ll see that Amazon includes two eBook best seller lists – one of which is for free eBooks, both out of copyright classics as well as new works of authorship.


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