LinuxDevices acquired …

LinuxDevices’ publisher, Ziff Davis Enterprise, has been acquired by a Californian company — as yet undisclosed, but rumored to be Foster City-based QuinStreet. Future plans for the site have not yet been announced …

At this point, the future of LinuxDevices.comis uncertain. What we can say for sure is that it has been a pleasure serving our readers — the best in the business.

Unlike most, you understand that just as a car’s platform (its engine and transmission) determines how it will drive, regardless of what body the stylists stick on, it’s a processor, operating system, and chipset that do the same for a computing device.

I’m proud of our record of ignoring fluff, rumors, and analyst proclamations in favor of uncovering the important information about devices’ essential building blocks. LinuxDevices was also ahead of its time in understanding the growing relevance of embedded computing.

Most of all, I appreciate your interest and support over the years.

Jonathan Angel, outgoing editor-in-chief, can be reached at and followed at

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