Introducing Comice OS 4: The Mac-Looking Linux

Softpedia is proud to introduce today, February 7th, a new Linux distribution, called Comice OS, which is actually a redesigned version of the Pear OS Linux.

Remember Pear OS? It’s that Mac OS looking (see screenshots below) Ubuntu-based operating system introduced last year on our Linux section.

Well, it looks like David Tavares, the developer of Pear OS, prepares these days a revamped version of his Linux operating system, under the name of Comice OS.

Comice OS 4 will be built on top of the GNOME 3 interface, powered by Comice Shell, which is a modification of GNOME Shell to look exactly like a Mac OS desktop. It provides two views: Mission Control to view running apss and Launchpad to see installed apps.

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