Can Linux Mint 12, Cinnamon Spice Up the Open Source Mix?

I’ve been an Ubuntu user for a pretty long time — so long that I no longer remember exactly when I started (all I recall is that it was sometime around version 6.06.) But last week I finally replaced Ubuntu on my production computer with Linux Mint 12. Read on for why, and how it’s been working out.

For starters, here’s the why: Although you might be expecting a diatribe here against Ubuntu and Canonical, and all of their collective flaws that drove me to try Mint, I can’t really pin any major blame on them. It’s true I’d become a little tired of trying to make Ubuntu 11.10′s version of Unity work in a way I liked. (I’m hopeful Ubuntu 12.04 will bring a more user-friendly iteration of the desktop environment.) And the hibernation problems I’d been having in Ubuntu 11.10 sometimes got my day off to a bad start when I turned on my computer and it rebooted instead of resuming.

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