Cloudmin 6.1 released

Hi Cloudmin users,

Cloudmin version 6.1 is now available for download from our
YUM amd APT repositories. New features in this version include :

* The Change Password page can now be used to set the password Cloudmin
uses to login to a system, as well as changing the actual password. It
has also been moved to the top of the left menu.

* System alerts can now be triggered by the amount of incoming our outgoing
network bytes / second on managed systems.

* CPU usage for KVM instances can now be limited on host systems that
support cgroups

* When editing a real network interface (like eth1) on a Xen or KVM system,
the bridge it is connected to on the host system can now be changed.

* Network interfaces on non-Linux virtual systems under KVM and Xen can now
be managed, although their IP addresses must be configured inside the VM.

* The network bridge and MAC address of interfaces on Citrix Xen systems can
now be changed after creation (although not when the VM is running).

* The master administrator can now define custom links that appear on the left
menu for some or all virtual systems, for linking to site-specific applications
or documentation.

– Jamie

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