FreeNAS 8.0.4-RELEASE is now available for immediate download.

Release Notes for FreeNAS 8.0.4-RELEASE


– – The image size increased in 8.0.1-BETA3. The new size requires a 2 GB
storage device. The GUI upgrade can be used to upgrade a system from
BETA3, BETA4, or RC1 but upgrades from earlier releases can only be
done from the CD. The other option is to save the config, reinstall
the new version, then restore the config.
– – FreeBSD can be really touchy with hardware. Please be sure to update
your BIOS/BMC firmware when upgrading / installing FreeNAS if you run
into OS hang issues. There have been cases identified where a BIOS
upgrade has fixed driver hangs, and/or other issues with FreeNAS; one
such example was with an Intel 82578DC motherboard, as noted in the
FreeNAS 8 forum thread titled “8.0.3-RELEASE coming soon..”: , post # 70-88. Again, please only do this if you
experience booting / runtime issues, as some vendors don’t test
FreeBSD interoperability as much as others between major firmware
– – Previous builds were branded as i386/amd64 (32-bit and 64-bit
respectively). 8.0.3-RC1+ rebranded the architectures as x86 and x64,
– – 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 images advertised CIFS shares to Macs by default but
8.0.3 and later images don’t advertise CIFS shares by default. If you
want to advertise CIFS shares in 8.0.3 and later, be sure to turn on
“Zeroconf” support in the CIFS global settings.
– – Builds prior to 8.0.3-RELEASE with ‘CIFS’ didn’t actually have AIO
(asynchronous I/O) enabled. So, if you experience performance
degradation after upgrading from prior versions of FreeNAS to
8.0.3-RELEASE or newer, turn off AIO or tune the AIO size from ‘1’ to
something more reasonable (the new default in 8.0.3-RELEASE-p1 is 4096
or 4kB).

Changes since 8.0.4-RC1:


– ————————

1. Rename ‘loaders’ to ‘tunables’ to target the FreeBSD concept under
inspection (kernel tunables) (SF r10235, r10236).


OS/Third party
– ————————

1. Remove sane caps for minimum ZFS requirements for lower spec’ed home
user machines added in 8.0.4-BETA1. A better solution will be devised
in 8.2.0 with automatic system tuning, similar to legacy’s
zfskerntune (SF r10271).

– ————————

1. Correct guest parameter setting in the GUI as it’s a global option,
not a per-share option (SF r10296).
2. Allow Guest Only parameter only makes sense when Allow Guest is
specified (SF r10300).
3. Validate guest setting prior to accepting POST to ensure that the
value set for Guest is sane.

Changes since 8.0.4-BETA2:


– ————————

1. Remove Full_Install from the compressed disk image name to avoid
potential confusion when looking at the disk image vs the GUI
upgrade image (SF r10154).

– ————————

1. Do not restart collectd (reporting backend) when deleting snapshots
in the GUI (SF r10139).

– ————————

1. Add and tools originally contributed by
jhell (FreeBSD contributor), ported by jhixson to FreeNAS 8.x.


– ————————

1. Correct window title for snapshot deletion GUI (SF r10138).

– ————————

1. Catch ZFS snapshot errors when snapshots are done via the GUI
instead of
failing silently (SF r10152).
2. Work around interoperability issues with user / group population in the
GUI by failing silently in certain cases if AD/LDAP users cannot be
retrieved (SF r10140).
3. Fix case where local and remote paths passed to rsync in Rsync tasks
weren’t quoted, so paths with spaces in them would not work (FN 1285).

Changes since 8.0.4-BETA1:


OS/Third party
– ————————

1. Update transmission to 2.42 (SF r10093).
2. Add MegaCLI tool (SF r10072, r10073).
3. Disable periodic tasks in the base system that would negatively
impact system performance on NAS boxes with large directory
structures (SF r10113).


– ————————

1. Fix handling for ‘every day’ SMART tasks created in the GUI
(SF r10088).
2. Add in several robustness fixes to reduce potential for filesystem
corruption on root / boot device. In some scenarios this would also
improve performance when fetching data from the root device as well
(SF r10095, r10109, r10129).

– ————————
1. Fix vfs objects modules ordering so shadow copy (aka previous
versions) support functions again (FN 935, FN 1186, FN 1275).
2. Update samba to 3.6.3 to resolve several bugs (both security and
non-security related) (SF r10127).

– ————————

1. Network field from iSCSI initiator could contain multiple IP
addresses, CIDR addresses, or ANY keyword (SF r10082).
2. Generate istgt.conf properly if and when multiple initiators were
specified (SF r10081).

Changes since 8.0.3-RELEASE-p1:


– ————————
1. Add .img suffix to simplify mounting full disk image for Windows and
OSX users (FN # 1236).

OS/Third party
– ————————

1. Update firefly to 1696_6 for iTunes 10.5.2+ compatibility.
2. Add in sane caps for minimum ZFS requirements for lower spec’ed home
user machines.

– ————————

1. Automatically create AD/LDAP user home directories (FN # 1203).
2. Add ‘allow trusted domains’ knob in the CIFS global configuration
(FN # 998).

– ————————

1. Restrict portal input in the GUI to prevent scenarios where
incorrect input would prevent iSCSI from starting (FN # 1231).

– ————————

1. Add rsync+SSH functionality (FN # 990).
2. Add functionality to differentiate rsync pushing from pulling
(FN # 394).


– ————————

1. Fix disks / partition parsing when importing volumes (FN # 1202).
2. Restrict users from creating cronjobs / rsync tasks with long
usernames (FN # 1061).

– ————————

1. Correct smbpasswd parsing when debug level isn’t set to minimum
logging (FN # 1224).

– ————————

1. Escape samba AD/LDAP passwords (FN # 1225).
2. Ensure guest accounts are disabled if checked (SF r8276).

Changes since 8.0.3-RELEASE:

– ————————

OS/Third party

1. Update ataidle from 2.6 to 2.72 based on maintainer’s (brucec@FreeBSD)
recommendation due to interoperabilities with 2.6 and certain chipsets.
2. Fix the inadyn port so that it works on i386.

– ————————

1. Fix a regression for DHCP users where /etc/resolv.conf would be nulled
out if DNS servers weren’t specified in the GUI.

1. Disable AIO by default and change the default AIO read / write size to
4kB. This was done provided feedback and the fact that the build fixes
actually enabled AIO, whereas prior releases didn’t enable it by
default. This can cause issues with machines that don’t have the
resources to service AIO requests quickly enough, where previously they
would be able to service requests at near line speeds, whereas after
they are unable to service requests that quickly.

1. Add in logic to start lockd and mountd when NFS is enabled s.t. FreeNAS
doesn’t need to be manually prodded to start the services, or rebooted
in order for the services to become effective.

Changes since 8.0.2-RELEASE:

– ————————

OS/Third party

1. Use smaller block and frag sizes for /etc and /var .
2. Import a build tweak to nuke /var/db/pkg to save ~7MB space.
3. Other build tweaks to remove non-essential features and packages from
the image.
4. Disable output to /var/log/console.log in non-debug builds to avoid
unnecessary duplication in /var/log/messages .
5. Upgrade ataidle to 2.6.
6. Upgrade nut / net-snmp to 2.6.2 and 5.7.1, respectively.
7. Import omnibus build system fixes to fix the fact that the 8.0.3-BETA1
image was broken due to the environment of the build machine where it
was produced on. This also fixes other items, such as DDNS because of
build environment tainting.
8. Increase the /var md size from 74MB to 160MB s.t. samba will be able
to service requests copying large sets of files, and the rest of the
system will be able to play nicely with samba to a certain degree.
More tuning is required for larger samba userbases.


1. Add kernel tunable / sysctl support.


1. Hide Etc/GMT* timezones as they’re behavior is counterintuitive and
conflicts with Windows 7 semantics (see r8707).


1. Bump samba from 3.5.11 to 3.6.1.
2. Address simple failure cases with getting Kerberos tickets (clock
skew) and joining AD domains (invalid passwords, bad short domain
etc) so that users could better rectify improperly configured NAS
this means that if either of these cases fail, the GUI will now inform
the user that the ‘Active Directory’ service is stopped.
3. Fix cachetool to better prevent potential race condition at boot
winbindd and ix-cache.
4. Add knob for enabling/disabling Zeroconf/Bonjour (avahi) support in the
GUI. For technical reasons outside of the author’s control, this
feature defaults to off when upgrading FreeNAS. FreeNAS admins
anticipating that they will have Mac users attempting to connect to
shares should enable this feature.


1. Bump netatalk to 2.2.1.
2. Add knob for controlling the maximum number of configurable connections
(see ticket: 847).
3. Only advertise services via avahi if they’re enabled (see ticket: 852).


– – NFSv4 ACL support (see: r8375, r8414).

– ————————

OS/Third party

1. Fix NTFS volume imports.


1. ZFS volume deletion failed when trying to delete zvol with the name
2. SSH pubkey saving was broken unless you manually add a newline to the
text box.
3. Fix traceback when trying to edit user if ssh public key was not
4. Fix the bug in rsync tasks where it would strip the trailing ‘/’ off
the end of the destination path.
5. Fix a validation error when editing users / groups in 8.0.2+ where
if one entered in a path that wasn’t valid, the GUI would traceback
instead of punting the actual validation error.
6. Fix an issue where if one entered in an invalid path, the GUI would
traceback instead of providing feedback stating that the directory
provided was invalid.


1. Rsync task/crontab generation was broken with AD usernames and other
unsanitized input.
2. Fix email regressions since 8.0.2-RELEASE-p1 (SMART emails now work
with more than one recipient, non-SMTP authentication based emails
work again).
4. Fix an issue where if one autosnap process was killed uncleanly, more
autosnap processes could back up and eventually deadlock the system.
5. Fix an issue where the ZFS scrub cronjobs would execute every 30 days
instead of a number divisible by 7, so what would generally happen is
that ZFS scrubs would generally execute in the middle of the week.
6. Fix setting httpd to listen on an interface which is not the first
7. Add logic to create home directories on demand instead of failing
‘silently’ if the path to the directory didn’t already exist.
8. Fix ‘detaching’ NTFS/UFS volumes so that it unmounts the volume in
the FreeBSD backend.


1. Change the default workgroup from FREENAS to WORKGROUP as having
the same
name for the workgroup and the hostname is illegal per the SMB/CIFS

Cosmetic items
– ————————

1. Change “SSH key” in GUI to “SSH Public Key”.
2. Fix GUI trademarks and branding to be more consistent with proper
branding, similar to what TrueNAS does today.

Major changes since 8.0.1-RELEASE:

– – The email subsystem was not working correctly in 8.0.1-RELEASE, which
resulted in the system not being able to send mail, as well as of the
alerting system in the GUI.

Changes since 8.0.1-RELEASE:

– – Allow decimal numbers for a dataset quota. (r8728)

– – Fix setting recursive ACLs. (r8270)

– – Start proftpd after ix-ssl to use the correct SSL cert. (r8246)

– – Use wildcards in cron and rsync jobs instead of listing all values.
(r8214, r8211)

– – Fix case in iSCSI targets to match the behavior specified by RFC
3722. (r8120)

Changes since 8.0-RELEASE:

There’s too much to list here, but the high points are:

– – Divorced the volume members in the database from the FreeBSD devices.
This resolves an issue where FreeBSD can change devices names and the
GUI doesn’t pick up the updates due to the devices names being
in the database.

– – Support exporting ZFS zvols (virtual devices) as device extents via
8.0 was only able to export physical device nodes or file based extents.

– – The GUI now has an event notification system.

– – The email backend has been refactored.

– – Many many changes in the GUI to help it validate and sanitize inputs
are passed to the backend daemons.

– – Added UPS functionality.

– – Added rsync client and server functionality.

– – Added the ability to schedule cron jobs in the GUI.

– – Vastly improved and reworked snapshot replication.


– – CHAP doesn’t work with GlobalSAN initiators on OS X.

– – Upgrades from FreeNAS 0.7 aren’t supported.

– – The installer doesn’t check the size of the install media before
an install. A 2 GB device is required, but the install will appear to
complete successfully on smaller devices, only to fail at boot.

– – The installer will let you switch from i386 to amd64 architecture and
vice-versa, but some files, such as the rrd files used by the statistics
graphing package are architecture dependent.

– – There are known interoperability issues with FreeNAS and Samba 4.x being
used as a PDC due to Samba 4.x not conforming to the Microsoft CIFS
specification and the way LDAP queries are executed on FreeNAS.
Please see
the following support ticket for more details: .

– – Shadow copies via CIFS do not work in 8.0.3. Please see for more details.
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