CentOS-4 i386 and x86_64 End of Life (EOL)

This is the notification of the End of Life (EOL) for CentOS 4.

The 7-year enterprise lifetime of CentOS-4 ends now. CentOS-4 has been
copied to the CentOS Vault. The last released tree is available here:


All architectures of CentOS-4 (i386, x86_64, ppc, s390, and s390x) are
impacted. Support for the CentOS-4 Cluster Server and the CentOS-4
Global File Server (csgfs) is also ended.

The CentOS-4.8 and 4.9 trees will be emptied from the CentOS mirrors in
short order.

CentOS-4 will remain available in the CentOS Vault, along with CentOS-2
and CentOS-3, indefinitely. You can use the vault in the same way you
have used the CentOS mirrors in the past, however no updates will be
released for CentOS-4 moving forward.

Accordingly, the CentOS Project strongly recommends that you migrate any
CentOS-4 installs to a newer version of CentOS (either CentOS-5 or


If you have workloads that you can not move to a newer version CentOS,
Red Hat, Inc. offers an optional support extension called the “Extended
Life-cycle Support (ELS) Add-On Subscription” for their Red Hat
Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4 product. The ELS Subscription provides up to
three additional years of limited Software Maintenance (Production 3
Phase) for RHEL 4 with unlimited technical support, critical Security
Advisories (RHSAs) and selected Urgent Priority Bug Advisories (RHBAs).
This service from Red Hat, Inc. would require both a RHEL 4 subscription
and an ELS subscription.

Note: The CentOS Project is not affiliated with Red Hat, Inc. CentOS-4
is not, nor does it contain, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. However,
CentOS-4 is built from publicly available sources released by Red Hat,
Inc. Because of these common source files, work loads running on
CentOS-4 should be able to be moved to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and
allow you to use that platform with ELS for an additional 3 years if you
need that service.

Please see this link for more details about Red Hat ELS:


Johnny Hughes
CentOS Project { http://www.centos.org/ }
irc: hughesjr, #centos@irc.freenode.net

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