New Zentyal 2.2-2 installer available!

Hi Zentyal users,

We have now published a new compilation of packages including all the bugfixes and system updates from Ubuntu since the release of the previous 2.2-1 installer. Also, this new installer is based on the new Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS, which was recently released (Feb 16), and will be the final revision of 10.04 (note that 12.04 is the next LTS on which Zentyal 3.0 will be based and it’s coming next month).

This installer is also adapted to the new Firefox 10 which is shipped now replacing the old Firefox 3. Moreover, it fixes some installation problems when Internet connection is not available.

You can get the ISOs as usual from

Hope you enjoy it!

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Product Manager

The Linux small business server

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