Zentyal 3.0 Beta | First version of Thin Clients module available!

Dear Zentyal users,

We’ve just released the new zentyal-ltsp module which provides Thin and Fat client functionality integrated with the DHCP module.

The current features allow the users to:

– Build and update Thin and Fat client images
– Install local applications
– Limit one session per user
– Create profiles to apply different configuration to the clients
– Enable/Disable network compression, local apps, local devices, autologin, guest login and sound
– Select keyboard layout
– Enter any other custom LTSP options
– Configure Per-client Autologin and Guest Login

To test this new module, just install a fresh Zentyal 2.3 making sure that you have Internet connection, in order to get the latest packages. If you already have an installed Zentyal 2.3, just upgrade to the latest version in the Software Management page and select the new ‘Thin Clients’ module. As usual, remember that Zentyal 2.3 is a beta release and it is not intended at all for production environments.

Any bug report or feedback will be really appreciated!

Additional notes:

– You will need to manually install a desktop environment in your server, for example for the default Ubuntu system you need to run:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop network-manager-

(Note that network-manager needs to be skipped to avoid conflicts with Zentyal.)

– If you want to test this with VirtualBox, you should know that the emulated Intel network cards doesn’t seem to work well: use PCnet ones instead.

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Product Manager

The Linux small business server

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